“I feel so grateful to the people at Foundry because they appreciate me for who I am as a person. They’re not pitying me because I’m a refugee. They’ve helped me feel like myself again,” says Victoria.  


In times of uncertainty, Foundry supported Victoria as she began building a new life for herself in Canada. At Foundry, you’re not alone – we’re here to support you. 


What is Foundry? 

Foundry offers free and confidential mental health care, substance use services, physical and sexual health care, youth and family peer support and social services (e.g.work and education program), for young people aged 12-24 across BC. We also offer support for families/caregivers across BC – for a young person in their lives, for themselves and to services. 

No referrals or assessments required. Connect with us in-person today or online using the Foundry BC app. 


Where do I start? 

Access Foundry’s provincial virtual services through our free Foundry BC app or desktop web portal. If you’d like to access in-person or virtual services at a centre near you, visit one of the 16 Foundry centres across BC. 

More information about Foundry’s provincial virtual services:  

  • Same day support services are available Mon-Fri (10am-9pm) or book an appointment in advance at a time that works best for you. All services are free and confidential. No referrals required. 
  • Scheduled appointments are available Mon-Sun, 1:00pm-9:00pm (book up to 3 days in advance).  
  • Have questions about our services? Call us at 1.833.F0UNDRY (1.833.308.6379) Mon-Sun, 1:15pm – 7:30pm, or email us at online@foundrybc.ca. 

What are some requirements to access Foundry services?


There are no requirements to access Foundry services. At Foundry, you do not need to be in crisis to seek support. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed and would like to talk to someone about it, we encourage you to reach out to us! 

You can access our free and confidential services by visiting one of our 16 centres in-person or downloading the free Foundry BC app to book an appointment online. 

We also offer a variety of virtual and in-person support groups and workshops across our 16 centres for you to connect with like-minded peers in a safe space. 

To learn more about groups and workshops offered at Foundry centres, visit Find a Foundry centre. To access provincially available groups and workshops both in-person/online, visit the Groups and Workshops page.

Does Foundry offer safe spaces for 2SLGTBQIA+ youth?


Yes, Foundry offers space spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.  

At Foundry, our number one priority is to provide a supportive, confidential, inclusive and safe space free of judgement for young people seeking to express themselves in any way that feels most true to who they are. 

We aim to provide culturally safe and respectful care and support attentive to gender & sexual diversity, and primary and mental health care attentive to gender and sexual health, trans specific primary care and mental health support.   

Foundry also offers peer support groups and workshops for youth to connect with other youth in a safe, inclusive environment.  

What services are available for families/caregivers?


At Foundry, family is defined uniquely by each young person and can include anyone supporting or advocating for their wellness. Family, whether by birth, choice or circumstance, holds a significant role in supporting a young person by fostering a sense of belonging and hope through their shared experience. 

As a family/caregiver, you do not need to have a youth accessing Foundry’s services to seek support for yourself. We understand that watching your young person struggle can take a toll on yourself. Foundry Virtual BC offers Counselling, Family Peer Support, Groups and workshops for any caregiver who is looking at ways to support their youth and themselves.  

Remember, you are not alone when it comes to supporting loved ones. It is easy to become frustrated, angry, exhausted, alone, or scared. Caregivers taking on stress is quite common and can lead to changes in your health and wellbeing.   

Here are some resources we recommend starting with: 

  • There’s a great article written by Shane, a family peer supporter at Foundry Virtual BC where he answers frequently asked questions about family peer support. 
  • Foundry has a parent handbook called “Parents Like Us”, written for and by parents/caregivers who are caring for a young person who has a substance use disorder. You can read it here 
  • To register for a caregivers account, make an appointment or join a group, download the Foundry BC app or access the web portal on our website. You can also email online@foundrybc.ca or phone 1-833-308-6379 if you do not have access to internet.    
  • To learn more about peer support, click here. 

I’m interested in accessing counselling services, but I don’t know what to expect.


It’s normal to feel nervous when you use a service for the first time. There’s a great article called “Anxiety when seeing a counsellor,” written by a young person who has been through counselling that we encourage you to read if you’re feeling nervous or unsure about seeing a counsellor.   

Keep in mind that each of us are experts in our experiences and what works for one person might not work for another.

What is peer support? Does it replace counselling?


The goal of peer support is to provide emotional support, acceptance, validation, and empathy regardless of circumstances. The focus is to ensure the person feels support in their recovery and healing.   

More importantly, peer supporters and family peer supporters ensure youth and their caregivers are receiving proper support, and are not left isolated.  

While peer supporters have lived experience in a variety of areas, they are unable to make formal diagnoses for youth and caregivers. If you are looking for a mental health assessment or diagnosis, please book an appointment with a counsellor or nurse practitioner.  

To learn more about peer support, click here.