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Substance Use

Everyone has their own relationship with substance use. You might know people who are sober, who don't use at all, or who use a little bit. Others may use a lot, or mix substances. You may be curious and have questions about substances. The fact is - drugs have been used by humans for thousands of years for many different reasons. By exploring this section, you can learn how to manage substance use, how to reduce possible harms and make decisions that are right for you.

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Embracing My Journey: A Last Year of High School Filled with Discovery and Empowerment

After feeling overwhelmed, marijuana provided a temporary sense of relief. But soon enough, this youth realized that this cycle was consuming them, and they knew they needed to break free.


Growing Up with a Parent Struggling with Alcohol Use

Growing up, I knew that my father’s relationship with alcohol was different.


My Experience with Alcohol Use: Embracing Harm Reduction

Everyone’s journey is different. For me, working on using safely helped me recognize when I might be using alcohol in ways that were harmful to me.


Cannabis & You

As we are growing up, we learn to take control of our lives and to not let life take control of us. This section talks about non-medicinal cannabis use.


Myths and Facts on Vaping and Tobacco

There are many myths about vaping and tobacco. This section explains the truth around some of the common myths.