We optimize resources by integrating services

Foundry makes it easy for young people to find youth-friendly, welcoming and appropriate services – by simply walking into their local Foundry centre, accessing Foundry’s virtual services, or by exploring the tools and resources online at foundrybc.ca. Foundry reaches young people earlier – before their health concerns have a severe impact on their health and well-being.

For more information on what integrated youth services are, check out this one-page overview in English, French, Punjabi, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

We focus on wellness, empowering young people to live a balanced and fulfilling life

We bring health care and social services under one roof to make it easier for young people to find help and support. In Foundry centres, a team of care and service providers work with each young person to create a plan for wellness and help equip them with the tools, support and strategies they need to thrive in life. We strive to reach young people earlier so we can help with issues before they become bigger and impact their relationships, school, work or other aspects of their lives.

We offer services created with, and for, young people and their families

At Foundry, we deeply believe that to truly create transformational change we can only do it alongside young people and families. From the creation of our name and identity, to the look and feel of the centres, to the development of our online space — we make sure that young people and families are included in the process. And it won’t end there; their voices will be embedded throughout our journey, ensuring that we continue to best meet their needs.

We provide the right support for what each young person needs, when they need it

We deliver care and supports in a stepped care model, which matches the level of service to the level of need. If a young person’s needs increase, the level of support services increase as well. If a young person’s situation improves, the intensity and level of support can be decreased. This way we use resources in the most efficient and effective way and reach young people where they’re at.

We ensure our services meet the changing needs of young people

To ensure our program is truly meeting the needs of young people coming into Foundry centres, we are using a data collection platform at all of our centres. This involves a tablet-based set of surveys and clinical tools used by young people as well as care providers, to help care providers get to know their clients and track their progress. This allows us to evaluate our centres and programs and respond quickly to meet the changing needs of young people and families.

By bringing together core services and supports, Foundry will support young people ages 12-24 and their families with easy access to care.

Whether a young person needs support for anxiety or depression, wants to see a family doctor or is struggling with a stressful situation, we will help them get the services they need.

To build a new vision of health care and wellness services for BC's young people, we spoke with youth, young adults and families across the province.
Gathering input for the development of Foundry
Engagement activity for the development of Foundry centres

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