For Families & Caregivers

When young people face challenges it can be hard to know the best way to support them. Foundry empowers families, caregivers, siblings and other loved ones to find the right care and support for young people. In this section, you will find information to assist you in understanding mental health and wellness in young people, identifying signs of mental health difficulties, tips for conversations with your youth or young adult and where to find additional resources and support.


Jay’s Story

Jay has navigated body image concerns, gender identity and cultural norms to become their authentic and unapologetic self — and inspire others to do the same.


Be an Active Witness

It is important to learn how to safely interrupt and intervene if you witness discrimination. This article explains how certain words and actions can help us de-escalate and defuse such an incident to prevent more harm.


Dealing with a Friendship Breakup

There’s a lot out there about breaking up with a romantic partner, but what if a friendship isn’t working out anymore? Navigating separations in any relationship is difficult - read on for our tips on how to handle friendship breakups.


What to do if you’re falling behind in class

When you’re struggling with mental health, it can be really hard to complete daily tasks, let alone assignments and exams. Read on for tips on what to do if you feel like you’re falling behind in school.


Meet Shane, Family Peer Supporter at Foundry Virtual BC

Shane is a family peer supporter at Foundry Virtual BC. We asked Shane to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about family peer support.