Wearing Masks and How They Help

Wearing a mask is your choice and it’s important to know what they do and how to use them properly if you decide to wear them. Read Story arrow_forward

Orange Shirt Day and the History of Residential Schools

On September 30th we recognize Orange Shirt Day as a time to reflect and bring forth discussion about a devastating part of Canada’s colonial history: The Indian Residential School system. Read Story arrow_forward

Meet the Youth Peer Support Workers!

Have you ever felt alone in your struggles? Or wished that you could speak with someone who really “gets it?” Have you ever wanted a space where you could be truly listened to? If yes, peer support is a great option! Read Story arrow_forward

Using Substances in a Safer Way During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had widespread impacts, but one of the most distinct ones is its impact on the ongoing overdose crisis. This article will help you navigate using substances more safely during COVID-19. There is a list of resources at the end of the article. Read Story arrow_forward

LGBTQ2+ Identity and the Virtual World

Rory, a youth peer supporter at Foundry Virtual, talks about the advantages of connecting with others online as an LGBTQ2+ young person. Read Story arrow_forward

How to Take Care of Yourself When Living With Abuse During a Pandemic

Staying at home may help lessen the spread of COVID-19, but it may not be the safest option for a lot of people. If you feel unsafe at home, keep reading for some ways to take care of yourself and who to contact if you are in need of additional support . Read Story arrow_forward

Want to beat those COVID blues? Get active!

Abigail, from Foundry's own youth advisory committee, has a few ways to keep yourself well during COVID-19. Read Story arrow_forward

A Message to the 2020 Graduates

As summer 2020 approaches, us at Foundry have a special message for all the graduates these year. Read Story arrow_forward

Tips for when “normal” doesn’t feel normal anymore

BC has announced that our efforts to physically distance from each other are working to flatten the COVID-19 curve and that the province can start a new kind of normal. But this can come with a lot of feelings of stress or anxiety when things still feel uncertain. Read below for some ways when “normal” might not feel so normal, and how to manage feelings of uncertainty as you find a new routine. Read Story arrow_forward

Sex and COVID-19

Right now, it’s important that we are all practicing physical distancing and limiting physical contact with others to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But what does that mean for sexual relationships? Read more below for more information on sexual health during COVID-19. Read Story arrow_forward