Kyle’s Story

How Hurricane Katrina helped this amazing young man conquer his social anxiety Read Story arrow_forward

The Family Experience: Tamara’s Story

Tamara Throssell shares her family's experience and how it has impacted her work as Foundry's Family Engagement & Service Provider Liaison Read Story arrow_forward

Joanna’s Story

Joanna struggled with her mental health, but poetry – and a newfound sense of self-love – helped her get through it. Read Story arrow_forward

Julian’s Story

After experiencing a traumatic event, Julian felt like his life had been put on hold, until a newfound purpose pushed him back into action. Read Story arrow_forward

Victoria’s Story

In order to overcome an eating disorder, Victoria had to find her inner warrior. Then she took to social media, hoping to help other women find their own. Read Story arrow_forward

Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra spent her teenage years battling depression and anxiety. Now she’s using her struggles to understand the science behind mental illness. Read Story arrow_forward

Lindsey’s Story

After silently struggling with her mental health, Lindsey discovered purpose – and confidence – where she least expected: her local yoga studio. Read Story arrow_forward

The Power of Telling Your Story

Through her own experiences, Andrea knows the value of telling her story and wants to help other young people share theirs. Read Story arrow_forward

Gurvaan’s Story

Anxiety and depression isolated Gurvaan from her friends and family. Now, she shares her story to help normalize mental health and end the stigma that still surrounds it. Read Story arrow_forward

Yvana’s Story

Knowing firsthand how hard it can be to navigate the health system, Yvana jumped at the chance to be involved with Foundry North Shore to help create a different experience for young people. Read Story arrow_forward