Brave in your body

From uncovering unrealistic beauty standards to providing a safe, non-judgmental space for healing and connection, Brave in your Body was created to support young people navigate poor body image. Read Story arrow_forward

Back to School: Balancing Wellness with Everything Else

Going back to school can be difficult after time off. It’s important to be kind to yourself and take a step back when things are feeling overwhelming for you. If your feelings are starting to take over your everyday life, reach out and get support whenever you need it. Read on to find resources to help you during the back to school season. Read Story arrow_forward

Jeanna’s Story

For many, culture has a huge impact on the way we view our bodies, and it adds another layer of pressure to conform to a certain image. By continuing to work on her self-acceptance, Jeanna is taking the power away from external media and voices to control how she feels about the way she looks. Read Story arrow_forward

Redefining what being Asian means

Chloe Gao, a physician-scientist trainee and second-generation immigrant, has struggled with her cultural identity growing up. Learn more about how she came to terms with this through her research in improving culturally safe supports for the Asian community. Read Story arrow_forward

“We need to build a better bridge”

Youth face increased risks due to substance use. As Canada grapples with the ongoing poisoning crisis, what can we do to help youth who use substances and their families/caregivers get the support they need? Read Story arrow_forward

Jay’s Story

Jay has navigated body image concerns, gender identity and cultural norms to become their authentic and unapologetic self — and inspire others to do the same. Read Story arrow_forward

Parents Like Us Have Something to Say

Chantal Brasset, a Family Peer Supporter at Foundry Victoria, shares her experience working alongside the Improving Treatment Together (ITT) Project team and her reflections on the research findings and experiences of the many caregivers involved. Read Story arrow_forward

Be an Active Witness

It is important to learn how to safely interrupt and intervene if you witness discrimination. This article explains how certain words and actions can help us de-escalate and defuse such an incident to prevent more harm. Read Story arrow_forward

Dealing with a Friendship Breakup

There’s a lot out there about breaking up with a romantic partner, but what if a friendship isn’t working out anymore? Navigating separations in any relationship is difficult - read on for our tips on how to handle friendship breakups. Read Story arrow_forward

What to do if you’re Falling Behind in Class

When you’re struggling with mental health, it can be really hard to complete daily tasks, let alone assignments and exams. Read on for tips on what to do if you feel like you’re falling behind in school. Read Story arrow_forward