Groups currently available:

Please ensure that you check your junk/spam folder once you have registered for a group! Sometimes your registration confirmation and group link will be sent there. If you have registered for a group and have not heard from us within 5 days, please email


Brave In Your Body

Join Foundry Virtual for a free 5- week body image group where you will gain tools/skills and explore your relationship to your body. This group is for anyone who has felt the pressure to look a certain way based on society’s standards or is struggling with body image, diet culture or weight stigma.

Youth ages 15-24
February 7th - March 7th, weekly
Group sessions take place online from 4:30pm-6:00pm

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Cultural Connections: Medicine Bag Workshop

Indigenous Cultural Connections: Medicine Bag Workshop

Tue Feb 7th, 2023
5:30pm - 6:30pm PST

Come join us in this safe fun space to learn about the medicine wheel (Anishinaabeg teachings), the sacred medicines, cultural appropriation versus appreciation, and TRC 94 calls to action. The first 10 people to sign up before January 16th, 2023 will get their own medicine bag in the mail to follow along. However, you don't need a Medicine Bag to join!

For questions, please email Bronwyn at

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Chronic Pain 101

Empowering gender diverse youth to live well with pain!

Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Starting Thursday, January 26th 2023 – Ending Thursday, March 23rd 2023

Ages 16-24

Who is this group for?
Gender diverse (Two-Spirit, non-binary, trans, +) youth who live with chronic pain.

Developed in partnership with Pain BC, Chronic Pain 101 is a group for gender diverse youth ages 16-24. Chronic pain is experienced as any type of pain that has persisted for 3+ months; it could include back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc. Join this group to connect with other gender diverse peers while learning about why we experience pain and what we can do about it. This group is facilitated by peer support workers who live with chronic pain and a clinical counsellor from Pain BC.

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Caregivers Emotion Focused Family Therapy Workshop

Supporting a loved one struggling with their mental health and/or wellness can be very challenging. Foundry Virtual BC has adopted Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) as one of the helping services in alignment with our model and vision.We believe that supporting caregivers with skills and tools promotes better wellness outcomes for all. Research proves that recovery rates rise dramatically when family is involved.

All workshops are currently full. Please email to get on the waitlist for future workshops. * Please note that this group is for caregivers who do not have access to Foundry centres in their community. If you would like to access groups at your local foundry centre, please visit for contact information.

Let's Talk Substances!

Let's talk about substance use! Let's Talk Substances is a safe space and support group for youth ages 16-24 who are using substances (e.g., alcohol, drugs, smoking, and vaping.) The goal of the group is to create space for youth to learn skills, explore coping strategies and talk with others who 'get it.' All youth are welcome to join - there is no judgement here!

Peer support workers leading this group are trained in SMART Recovery.

Mondays, 6:30-7:30 pm
Ongoing drop-in. Join whenever!
Questions? Please email Daphnee at

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Caregivers Support Group

We are excited to offer a new group for BC caregivers! If you are supporting a young person between the ages of 12-24 and are interested in connecting with other parents in a safe, inclusive, and confidential space, this is the group for you! The group will be facilitated by two caregivers with lived experience supporting their youth with various mental health and substance use challenges.

This group will be offered on Wednesdays bi-weekly from 7:30-9:00 PM on an ongoing drop-in basis. The next groups will be as follows:

February 8th, February 22nd, March 8th, March 22nd

Topics discussed each week will vary, and will ensure ample time for open dialogue.

To register, please email with the email titled "caregivers support group"

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Past Groups

Queer Cafe


Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:30pm on a drop-in basis. Queer Cafe invites Young people ages 14-20 who identify as LGBTQ2IA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic/Agender, or another gender or sexual orientation minority) to meet over Zoom for activities and conversation in a supportive, inclusive environment. The Queer Café is facilitated by youth peer supporters from Foundry Virtual BC who identify as LGBTQ2IA+ and features a mix of activities, discussion, games, workshops, and more!

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Learn more about Queer Cafe


Who is the Queer Café for?
Anyone in BC between the ages of 14 to 20 who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ2IA+ community is welcome to attend, including but not limited to people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, Two-Spirit, queer, non-binary, asexual, aromantic, agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, intersex, or questioning. You don’t need to have used Foundry services before, and you don’t need a referral from a professional.   

When and where is the Queer Café?
The Queer Café is held over Zoom and takes place Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:30pm. The facilitators will be available for half an hour after the Queer Café if you would like to talk more about anything that came up during the session.

Who runs the Queer Café?
The Queer Café is facilitated by a youth peer supporter who identifies as LGBTQ2IA+. A peer supporter is a trained support worker who has lived experience of the different types of issues they help others with, like mental health or substance use challenges. A youth peer supporter is a peer supporter who is close to your own age (between the ages of 20-30.)

What activities does the Queer Café involve?
The Queer Café features a wide variety of different activities, and you can choose which sessions you’re interested in attending. Every session includes time for introductions, going over guidelines for the group, and talking about how we are all doing. You never have to share anything you don’t want to and can participate as little or as much as you would like in conversations and activities.   

Some examples of activities the Queer Café might include are making art together, playing games, workshops on topics like sexual health, and presentations by LGBTQ2A+ artists. You can talk about anything at the Queer Café, not just LGBTQ2IA+ issues, but the facilitators may also lead discussions about topics specifically related to being LGBTQ2IA+, like relationships or coming out.  

How can I attend the Queer Café?
You need to register for the Foundry BC app and then for the Queer Café before you are able to attend any sessions; however, once you are registered, you can attend as many or as few as you want (or none at all). 

How do I get news and updates about the Queer Café?
To see what’s happening at this week’s Queer Café, or to check what’s planned for upcoming sessions, follow us on Instagram, or email us at to be added to our email list.   

Do I have to use my legal name to sign up for the Queer Café?
When you register, you’ll be asked to give your first and last name as well as your birthday so that Foundry can keep track of how many people attend the Queer Café and what age demographic they belong to. You’ll also be asked for contact information, like a phone number or email address. You’ll have the option to provide a preferred name that’s different from your legal name. You can also select your own display name on Zoom.  

Is the Queer Café confidential?
The Queer Café facilitators are part of the Foundry team and will take notes after the group so that we can keep track of what services and activities young people are interested in or how the group could be improved. That information won’t be shared with anyone outside of Foundry unless someone is in danger and needs immediate help or we’re ordered by a court to share it. The Queer Café welcomes young people from all over BC who might have a range of experiences and privacy concerns to attend, so we ask that participants don’t share personal information they hear during the group without permission.   

I’m worried about upsetting topics that might come up. Is the Queer Café safe?
Participants are free to talk about anything at the Queer Café, but the facilitators will do their best to ensure that everyone in the group feels comfortable with any topics that come up and pause the conversation if needed. We ask that participants check in with the rest of the group before sharing something that could be triggering (meaning it could be emotionally distressing for others in the group). The facilitators will also work with the group to create a community agreement beforehand to make sure everyone feels safe during the Queer Café. If you need additional support during or after the Queer Café, one of the facilitators can check in with you individually.   

Can I leave the Queer Café?
Yes, you can leave the Queer Café at any time, for any reason. We encourage you to message the group facilitator before you leave.  If there are concerns about your safety, a Foundry worker will contact you afterwards to check in.   

I don’t see my identity listed here/I’m not sure how I identify. Is the Queer Café right for me?
The Queer Café strives to be as inclusive as possible, and while the facilitators may not be familiar with your unique identity and experiences, they are always open to learning more. You don’t need to use any specific word for your identity or experiences to attend. The facilitators are happy to speak to you privately during or after the Queer Café if you have concerns about names, pronouns, or other language related to your identity, or would like additional support communicating your identity to the group.   

I’m experiencing a crisis right now and need immediate help. Is the Queer Café right for me?
The Queer Café is an activity and discussion group and isn’t meant to provide crisis support or intervention. If this is an emergency, consider contacting one of the following services, or call 911:   

I’m looking for one-on-one support from a counselor or peer supporter. Is the Queer Café right for me?
Although Foundry also offers virtual counselling and one-on-one peer support for LGBTQ2IA+ youth, the Queer Café is intended as a social space. This means it is not well-suited to provide one-on-one support. If you would like to speak to someone individually, you can check out Foundry’s other virtual services. 

I’m looking for group therapy/a clinical group. Is the Queer Café right for me?
The Queer Café is a peer support group, not a clinical group. This means that we come together as peers for social support; however, we don’t teach therapy techniques in this group and the facilitators are not professional counsellors. Foundry will be offering clinical groups online in the future. Check out Foundry’s other virtual services. 

Art Exploration for Caregivers ( ON HOLD)

This group is now on hold!

Caregivers Group alert! Foundry Virtual's Art Exploration group is back for a holiday season! Join Brenda, a family peer supporter with Foundry Virtual BC, as we use art to experience mindfulness, self-care, community, and focus on exploring our values and personal identity. This virtual group will support caregivers of youth ages 12-24 gain skills to explore their own caregiving values and self-care in a safe and creative environment. No previous art skills are required! To register please visit

Questions? Email Brenda at

Register here

YMind (ON HOLD!)

THIS GROUP IS NOW ON HOLD. Please email to be put on the waitlist for a future cohort.

YMIND is back! This group is a free seven week group program for youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing symptoms of mild-moderate anxiety. Youth will be introduced to and practice evidence based approaches to coping with anxiety within a group of 8-12 people. 

To register please email


This current group is now full! Please email to register for a future cohort!

Youth aged between 14-17 years old who are experiencing low to moderate struggles with depression and/or anxiety are invited to join MindMe!

Mind Me aims to support youth who are dealing with low mood or anxiety by helping them learn more about worries, anxiety, and depression and understand the impact of emotions and thoughts on our well-being. It also aims to facilitate the learning of strategies to cope with challenging emotions, worries and situations that can feel overwhelming.    

Questions? Email

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Two- Spirit Peer Healing Circle

ON HOLD: Stay tuned for future groups!

Led by peers, for peers, we are excited to offer a new monthly Two-Spirit Healing Circle from 6:00-7:30pm. This group will run on an ongoing drop-in basis, monthly. We are honoured to have Elder Bon Fabian facilitate this group alongside Foundry BC Virtual’s Indigenous Navigation and Wellness provider, Raymond Johnson-Brown. Each month the group will come together to share stories, provide emotional support, explore resources and build a community together for two spirit identities.

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This virtual group offered by UNYA’s 2- Spirit Collective (Urban Native Youth Association) and Foundry Virtual BC. This group is for any and all identifying LGBTQ2A+ youth ages 12-24 residing in BC, who are looking to connect virtually with others in a safe, online, environment.



Provincial Eating Disorder Awareness Week (PEDAW) is coming up February 1-7th, 2022. To kick-off the week, please join Foundry BC and Foundry Penticton for a virtual discussion led by 4 individuals with lived experience and a dietitian focusing on disordered eating, eating disorders, and body image struggles. This event is open to everyone ages 12-24 who is questioning their relationship with food, movement, or their body and/or identifies as having an eating disorder.

PAST GROUP: A Night of Drag


Calling all B.C. youth ages 12 – 24! Join Foundry virtual and Foundry Penticton for a spectacular virtual night of drag performances. Join by chat, video, or audio through Zoom! Drag/costumes are optional – but encouraged! Please register at or email Bronwyn at with any questions.

PAST WORKSHOP: Holiday Eating Support Workshop


PAST GROUP: Beauty of Life in Psychosis


Beauty of Life In Psychosis (BLIP) is a six-session art and creativity group for young people who self-identify as experiencing psychosis and/or voices, visions and unique beliefs. Sessions will be held over Zoom, and will involve guided creative exercises as well as time to talk, share, and work on your own creative projects. After the group is completed, participants will also have the option to have their work exhibited online. Gift cards to purchase art supplies will be provided!

BLIP is open to young people ages 12-24 who live anywhere in BC, and we’ll be running the group multiple times. To register, click the button below. After you complete the registration form, one of the group facilitators will contact you to follow up.

Learn more about BLIP

The BLIP youth group was born out of the idea that people who experience psychosis, hear voices, see visions, and/or have unique beliefs need a safe(r) space to socialize, get creative, and express ourselves. Our goal is to encourage participants to find beauty, hope, and community within or around these experiences. With support from Foundry Virtual BC and Vancouver Coastal Health’s Consumer Initiative Fund, that idea became a reality. Using these funds, we were able to collaborate with Paint Spot and provide free art supplies for everyone in the group.  

Learn more about BLIP and view some of the artwork created with the first cohort of the BLIP youth group by reading the blog post, Discovering Beauty of Life in Psychosis.

Foundry Virtual BC Q & A (ON HOLD)


Do you want to learn more about Foundry? Have questions about Foundry's virtual services? Join our monthly Q&A session hosted on Zoom. Service providers will review Foundry Virtual BC's current services, the Foundry BC app, and leave time for questions from attendees. If you are interested in setting up a Foundry Virtual BC presentation to your organization, please email Sierra at

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Every Body is a Beach Body: A workshop/panel on body image and diet culture

NEW WORKSHOP! Does the upcoming summer season bring a sense of stress, discomfort, dread and fear? Are you feeling the pressure to change your body/eating patterns or feel overwhelmed by the increase of diet talk? Join us June 8th for a workshop and panel featuring Foundry Virtual service providers and Registered Dietitians Ali Eberhardt and Hannah Robinson from St. Paul’s Hospital’s Eating Disorder Program. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to panelists and learn tips/tricks on navigating diet culture pressures as we enter summer. 

Can't make it to the workshop but curious about this topic? Ali and Hannah also host the Let Us Eat Cake podcast (@eatcakepod), a podcast dedicated to ditching diet culture and taking fatphobia head on! Check them out and have a listen!

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