“When I went to Foundry, I was accepted. I didn’t need to explain why I made the choices I did because they already knew why, and they didn’t care. They just wanted me to feel supported and loved.” – Aslam, Foundry youth peer supporter

What is Foundry?

Foundry offers mental health care, substance use services, physical and sexual health care, youth and family peer support and social services, for young people ages 12-24 across BC. We also offer support for families/caregivers across BC – for a young person in their lives, for themselves and to services.

Foundry services are all free and confidential, no referrals or assessments required. Connect with us in-person today or online using the Foundry BC app. 

Where do I start?





Access Foundry’s provincial virtual services through our free Foundry BC app or desktop web portal. If you’d like to access in-person or virtual services at a centre near you, visit one of the 11 Foundry centres across BC.

More information about Foundry’s provincial virtual services: 

I’m interested in accessing counselling services, but I don’t know what to expect.


It’s normal to feel nervous when you use a service for the first time. There’s a great article called “Anxiety when seeing a counsellor,” written by a young person who has been through counselling that we encourage you to read if you’re feeling nervous or unsure about seeing a counsellor.  

Keep in mind that each of us are experts in our experiences and what works for one person might not work for another. 

How do I access groups and workshops with other young people like me?


Foundry offers a variety of virtual support groups and workshops for youth to connect with like-minded peers in a safe space, including:

  • Queer Café – for young people ages 14-19 who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+
  • Two-Spirit Peer Healing Circle – led by peers, for peers, it’s a space to come together to share stories, provide emotional support, explore resources and build a community together for two-spirit identities
  • MindMe – for young people ages 14-17 experiencing low to moderate struggles with depression and/or anxiety)
  • And more!

Learn more here. 


What is peer support? Does it replace counselling?


The goal of peer support is to provide emotional support, acceptance, validation, and empathy regardless of circumstances. The focus is to ensure the person feels support in their recovery and healing.  

More importantly, peer supporters and family peer supporters ensure youth and their caregivers are receiving proper support, and are not left isolated. 

While peer supporters have lived experience in a variety of areas, they are unable to make formal diagnoses for youth and caregivers. If you are looking for a mental health assessment or diagnosis, please book an appointment with a counsellor or nurse practitioner. 

To learn more about peer support, click here. 


Where can I go to learn more about Foundry tools and resources?


We have a variety of topics under our Info & Tools section here, which covers a variety of health and wellness resources. Use tools to check out what’s going on for you and quickly connect to resources, services and supports. 


Do you have social media?


Yes! You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (TikTok is coming soon!).

To share promotional materials for this campaign, you can download our social media graphics here.






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