Foundry has developed a series of policy briefs to increase understanding of integrated youth services (IYS) and explore innovative practices and opportunities for IYS in BC and across Canada. We are excited to share what Foundry is doing to meet the needs of young people and their families, and to lead conversations about enhancing the system of care for youth and young adults.  

Our four policy briefs explore key issues and services that are impacting youth today. To learn more, keep scrolling – and please share the briefs widely with those who might be interested in these topics! 

Policy Brief No.1: Offering Walk-in Counselling as a Low-Barrier and Accessible Services for Youth 

Policy Brief No.2: Building Family Inclusive Youth Services 

Policy Brief No.3: Recognizing the Role of Integrated Youth Services in Addressing Youth Homelessness 

Policy Brief No.4: Supporting Youth through Foundry’s Work and Education Program

Policy Brief No.1: Walk-In Counselling at Foundry

Our brief, Offering Walk-in Counselling as a Low-Barrier and Accessible Service for Youth highlights key evidence and learnings in developing and delivering walk-in counselling in an IYS setting.   

Almost 6,000 youth accessed Foundry’s walk-in counselling service between April 2022 and March 2023 – and nearly half of those youth were accessing Foundry for the first time.  Walk-in counselling is appealing to young people, reduces barriers to access, and facilitates early intervention – reducing wait times for young people seeking help, while also reducing the burden on the broader health system.

Policy Brief No.2: Building Family Inclusive Services

We know that family involvement can play an important role in the health and well-being of youth and young adults.  Building Family Inclusive Youth Services looks at the challenges and opportunities with involving families in a supportive and youth-directed way at Foundry and in other youth services. Using available research and evidence, as well as the wisdom and experiences of youth, families and service providers, this brief charts a path for how to enhance services and supports for young people and their circle of care.  


Policy Brief No.3: Addressing and Preventing Youth Homelessness

Youth homelessness is preventable system issue – yet on any given night, as many as 7,000 youth are without a home across Canada.   Recognizing the Role of Integrated Youth Services in Addressing Youth Homelessness, highlights the need for more responsive and age-appropriate prevention and intervention supports to meet the unique needs of young people. Our brief explores the ways that IYS networks, like Foundry, are uniquely positioned to be partners in youth homelessness prevention, and calls for the development and implementation of provincial youth homelessness strategy. 


Policy Brief No.4: Supporting Youth with Foundry Work and Education

Foundry Work and Education (FWE) program is the cornerstone of Foundry’s social services – supporting over 1,300 youth since 2021. The program takes a person-centred and strengths-based approach to ensure that a young person’s goals and preferences are at the forefront of their work and education journey.  

Employment and education are a critical part of youth health and wellness. Our brief, Supporting Youth through Foundry’s Work and Education Program highlights the challenges and opportunities in developing an inclusive, evidence-based employment and education program in an IYS setting.  


Interesting in Learning more about Foundry’s model?

See Foundry’s Evidence Brief, Transforming Access to Care: Foundry’s Integrated Youth Services Model, to learn about the evidence and rationale behind the core components of Foundry’s IYS model and approach to transforming access to services for youth and young adults in BC. French version available here.