Myths and Facts on Vaping and Tobacco

There are many myths about vaping and smoking. This section explains the truth around some of the common myths.

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Vaping myths

Myth: Vaporizers only produce water vapour.

FALSE: Vaporizers produce an aerosol that contains many harmful chemicals. These chemicals are linked to negative health effects such as lung damage.


Myth: Vaping is safe.

FALSE: Vaping has been connected to negative health effects. This is especially true when vaping liquids contain nicotine or when the liquid is heated to high temperatures. In BC, there have been recent reports of vaping-related lung illnesses.


Myth: Vaporizers do not contain nicotine.

FALSE: Some vaping liquids do not contain nicotine but you cannot always be sure. Health Canada recently found that over half of the vaping liquids labelled as “nicotine free” did contain nicotine. Many vaping liquids have higher amounts of nicotine than cigarettes.


Myth: Vaporizers are not addictive.

FALSE: There is now evidence that shows vaping can become an addiction and users can become dependent. This is especially true when nicotine is in the vaping liquid.


Myth: Vaping doesn’t make people start smoking.

FALSE: A recent study found that people are twice as likely to start smoking cigarettes if they vape regularly even if they have never smoked a cigarette before.


Smoking myths


Myth: A filter makes cigarettes safer

FALSE: Filters do not make cigarettes safer. They do not block any dangerous chemicals from entering your body. Filters make the smoke particles smaller so your body absorbs the nicotine more easily.


Myth: Occasional smoking isn’t harmful

FALSE: There is no safe limit when it comes to smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. Every time you smoke you are doing damage to your body. This damage can put you at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.


Myth: Smoking is relaxing and can help you deal with stress

FALSE: Smoking does not help you relax. It actually raises your blood pressure and heart rate. The feeling of “relaxation” is because you have satisfied a nicotine craving.


Myth: Hand-rolled tobacco is healthier than pre-packaged tobacco

FALSE: Most of the chemicals found in pre-packaged cigarettes are also found in hand-rolled cigarettes. These chemicals are toxic and many can cause cancer.


Myth: Smoking is pleasurable

FALSE: Over 90% of smokers regret smoking and over 40% try to quit each year. Most people who smoke do not like smoking but have strong urges because they are addicted.

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