Different ways to be mindful

You can be mindful almost anywhere and while you are doing anything!

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Mindfulness is about paying attention in a purposeful way. For example, this could mean paying attention:

  • to your breathing
  • to sounds you hear around you
  • to sensations such as your feet on the ground
  • while doing a familiar activity like brushing your teeth

Check out the infographic below for more ways to be mindful every day.

Two Easy Ways to Try Mindfulness from the Breathr App

Try to intentionally bring a soft smile to your face, as a reminder to be kind to yourself. Breathe mindfully as you say to yourself silently: “Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I smile…” Observe what happens to your body, feelings, and thoughts. What did you notice when you invited a gentle smile to your face?

Waiting – whether it’s for the bus, for a friend, or for our computer to restart – is a perfect time to practice mindfulness. As you’re waiting, bring your awareness to the present moment. Breathe mindfully and notice what you’re thinking and feeling, without the need to change anything. What is the next opportunity you might have for “mindful waiting”?

Mindfulness doesn’t have to mean sitting down and meditating, but that can be another great way to focus on your breathing and notice thoughts as they come and go. If you are interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness check out the Breathr app.

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