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I am facing issues with registration


Below are some common issues with registration and how to solve them:

  1. You enter your BC Postal code and get an error that says “the postal code is not in BC.” Try re-entering the Postal Code without Space (E.g., XXXXXX rather than XXX XXX) and see if works
  2. PHN number: Don’t have a personal health number or phone number? Tap “I don’t have this information” and then select “other” from the drop-down menu. Then type “do not have/can’t find
  3.  Receiving a 1001 error while registering? Register again, but click “I have not been to a foundry centre” on step 3/9
  4. Receiving a 1002 error while registering? Wait a few minutes and then click register again
  5. Not receiving your email confirmation code to create your account? First, check your junk mail. If nothing is there try signing up again, this often happens if there is a typo in your Email. Gmail, outlook, iCloud, and Hotmail email addresses work best with the Foundry BC Platform
  6. Apple and Android apps only: If it’s not letting you past the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, make sure to press the text in blue on the screen and scroll to the bottom to accept. For the website version, just click on the blue text, it will open in another tab, and the next button will activate

I am having trouble finding my appointment


Not sure how to access your appointment?

If you have scheduled a session for today and are unsure how to access it, login to your app or the web portal, click “connect” go to “view my schedule” and scroll down to your appointment

    1. If your appointment is virtual: Click on your appointment, and then click “launch meeting.” If you try accessing your appointment too early or too late (i.e., 15 minutes after the appointment start time) you will be unable to access the appointment. Please book another appointment or email online@foundrybc.ca if you have questions.
    2. If your appointment is in-person: Then click on your appointment to see the address, and then make your way to your foundry centre for your appointment.

If you have a scheduled session for the future (not today), the best way to find what day the session is on is by searching your emails for an appointment confirmation email that will have the details of when the appointment is, where it is, and what kind of appointment it is. You will also receive notifications reminding you of your appointment, 24 hours, 2 hours, and 30 minutes prior to your appointment, if you have notifications turned on.

My app keeps logging me out


To keep your information safe, the Foundry BC platform automatically logs you out after 3 hours of inactivity. If you would like to save your login information to the app, please review this cheatsheet Saving credentials

I am having issues launching or accessing my appointment

  1. When you click the “launch meeting” button and it brings you to start a survey, this is how it’s supposed to work. These surveys will take about 5 minutes or less in total (meaning, even if you see multiple surveys, it will see take less than 5 minutes to complete all of them), and helps our team better support and serve you. If you don’t want to complete the surveys, you can press the arrow pointing the right button to skip through the survey.
  2. If you are clicking launch meeting and receiving a timeout error or an “unexpected error”, try relaunching the Foundry BC Platform, and if the issue persists please reach out to us here

I am not seeing any available appointments


No available appointments:

If there are no appointments available for Counselling, try booking a peer support session instead! They can help get you connected to counselling. We recommend checking back each day, as new appointments are released every morning.

I am having trouble finding the app in my app store


App not available in my region:

If you receive a pop-up or message when attempting to download the Foundry BC app that says “app not available in your region” your phone is set to the American app store: look at your options for changing stores or accessing the web portal here: Changing location in App Store

I am having trouble booking an appointment


If you are facing issues booking an appointment, please make sure you have selected a provider first, then select a time they are available, and then press save, then press schedule, and the appointment will be scheduled. You will receive an email or push notification saying your appointment has been scheduled and when it is if you have enabled notifications.

I would like a walkthrough of the Foundry BC platform, and how to schedule appointments


If you would like a step-by-step walkthrough of the Foundry BC Platform and how to book appointments. Please refer to our guide, located here: Client Cheat Sheet for App