Facing Tech Issues?

Fill out this form: Tech support form

Here are some common solutions to issues:

1) BC Postal code that’s getting an error saying the postal code is not in BC: Try reentering the Postal Code without Space (So XXXXXX rather than XXX XXX) and see if works

2) Not receiving your email code to create your account: Try signing up again, this often happens if there is a typo in your Email.

3) Not sure how to access your appointment: If you have scheduled a session and are unsure how to access it, login to your app or the web portal, go to connect, go to view my schedule, and scroll down to your appointment.

  • If your appointment is virtual:Then click on your appointment, and click launch meeting. If you try accessing your appointment too early or too late (aka 15 minutes after the appointment start time) you will be unable to access the appointment.

  • If your appointment is in-personal: Then click on your appointment to see the address, and than make your way to your foundry centre for your appointment.

4) Launch meeting button brings me to Surveys: If you clicked launched meeting button and were brought to surveys, this is how it’s supposed to work. These surveys will take about 5 minutes or less total (meaning, even if you see multiple surveys, it will see take less than 5 minutes to complete all of them), and helps us better serve you. If you don’t want to complete the surveys, you can press the arrow pointing right button to skip through the survey.

5) Your phone is on the American app store: In this case, please access the Website version here: https://webapp.foundrybc.ca/

6) If there are no appointments available for Counselling, try booking a peer support session instead! They can help get you connected to counselling

7) If the walk-in queue is telling you the Queue is full, try accessing peer support, or booking an appointment.