Foundry is pleased to announce that Island Health will be assuming operational leadership of Foundry Victoria, effective July 2, 2024.

We know there is a rapidly growing need for mental health and substance use support amongst youth ages 12-24 in the South Island. After much reflection and consideration on how to best meet the wellness needs of youth in this area, Victoria Youth Clinic Society’s Board of Directors (VYCS), Island Health, and Foundry Central Office (FCO) have unanimously come to an agreement to position Island Health as Foundry Victoria’s lead agency moving forward.

There will be no disruption in service for clients. Young people and families/caregivers who rely on Foundry Victoria will continue to receive the care and the support they need through this transition. Foundry Victoria services including mental health and substance use support, physical and sexual health care, peer support and social services will continue to be offered at 546 Yates Street, Victoria BC.

Island Health and FCO are grateful for the phenomenal leadership and selfless service that staff, physicians, and VYCS’s Board of Directors have shown for the past 26 years; including establishing Foundry Victoria and leading its operations since it officially opened in 2018 and supporting the health and wellness needs of youth on the South Island.

The VYCS Board of Directors and FCO are deeply grateful to Island Health for agreeing to take on the role of lead agency for Foundry Victoria. Island Health has been a keen and active partner and funder with VYCS for many years, including in the planning and development of Foundry Victoria, providing health care expertise, linked teams, direct funding through contracts and in-kind contributions through on-site Island Health staff.


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