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Foundry Virtual – Frequently Asked Questions

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I need tech support, where can I go?


If you are experiencing technical issues, please open a ticket at this link

Who will I be speaking to at Foundry's Virtual Services?


You will be speaking to a Foundry clinician, trained Foundry Peer Support Worker or a Nurse Practionerer, depending on what service you ask for .  Clinician are experienced health professionals, counsellors, social workers and nurses. If you want to know more about these professions and what they do, just ask a Foundry clinician. Trained Peer Supporters are also experienced health professionals and you can read more about them here

How much does it cost to access Foundry's virtual services?


Foundry’s virtual services are free. But if you call 1-833-308-6379 from a mobile phone, your normal call charges apply. If you access your app through your phone’s Data plan, those charges apply too. We recommend connecting to wifi for your appointment or choosing the dial-in option if you are worried about Data overages.

What kind of counselling is offered?


Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Our counselling appointments are meant to be a complete therapy or a stand alone session.  We focus on a brief and specific goal using the solution-focused brief therapy approach (SFBT)* . This method of counselling  offers any youth access to a free 15-50 minute session without the need for an assessment or history. With this type of therapy, you can start a new session or work on the goals and concerns you discussed in an earlier session.

At Foundry, we aim to make therapy convenient and easy to find. We involve the youth in the entire process, and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities. We recognize that it takes a community to support our young people. For this reason, parents/caregivers of a young person may also use our virtual counselling to support their youth. And they may take part in the youth’s session if their youth agrees.

Why does Foundry need information about me?


We gather information so our counsellors know enough about you to support you the best that they can. You can choose to not share any information you don’t want to share, but this means you might have to tell your story more than once.

Can I be anonymous?


We are a confidential but not anonymous service. All your data is secure, stored in Canada and safe. To serve you best and keep you safe, we collect information that can help in a crisis.

Are Foundry's Virtual Services secure and confidential?


Your privacy will be respected. Foundry will not release any information unless you allow us to, or we are required to do so by law. The only time we are required to share what we talk about today is if we learn something that makes us believe that you or someone else is in serious danger, or if we are ordered to do so by law. These are very unusual situations, and we try our best to be straightforward and clear about this so it’s no surprise if it were to happen.

It is important for you to know that if you have used services at a Foundry centre in the past, we will let your Foundry centre know that you have also used Foundry Virtual. This will allow us to make sure your care is consistent.

Do you record my chat/phone call/video chat/email?


No, we do not record audio, chat or videos calls.

Where will my information be stored?


All of the information you share with us will be stored securely within Canada. If you require access to your medical records, please email

How can Foundry help families & caregivers?


Family members are welcome to call into our appointment line and book an appointment for themselves. You can access Counselling and family peer support for you through this service.

How is Foundry Virtual funded?


Thanks to BC’s Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions’ expansion of virtual mental health programs and services, Foundry is now offering free virtual services to young people aged 12-24 and their caregivers anywhere across BC!

How can I provide feedback on Foundry's Virtual Services?


Please email to communicate your feedback to us. This account is not monitored or staffed by counsellors, so if you need support please call our intake line during business hours or 1-800-SUICIDE or Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 outside of those times.



Great question! We appreciate you wanting to play a role in supporting and enabling youth across BC to live a good life. If you are interested in donating to Foundry Virtual BC, please email and specify “FOUNDRY VIRTUAL BC” as the recipient of your donation.