Filing Income Taxes

You may need to pay taxes on the income you earn. This money is used for public services such as healthcare, new roads and school. This section will guide you through if you need to file taxes and how you file taxes.

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Why do I need to file taxes?

Income tax is the money our government collects from individuals and companies used to pay for important things like healthcare, education, police services, roads and other services needed for society to function. The amount you need to pay will depend on your income and personal situation. To learn more about who is required to pay taxes, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

How do I file taxes?

There are several ways you can file your taxes. You can:

  • hire a tax professional to do it
  • do it yourself online with an online tax program
  • print a tax return from the government website, fill it in by hand and mail it
  • go to a free tax clinic if there are any offered in your area.

Visit the Government of Canada’s website to learn more about filing taxes.

You will need the following documents to complete a tax return:

  • T4 slip from your employer (if employed) that shows how much you have earned.
  • Two pieces of government ID and your social insurance number.
  • To learn more about the different tax documents that may be needed click here.

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