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What is the Youth and Family Ambassador Program (YFAP)? 

The YFAP will empower young people and families to champion the growth of and access to Integrated Youth Services (IYS) across Canada.

Across Canada, youth and family voices are shaping the development of Integrated Youth Services (IYS). The Youth and Family Ambassador program is a response to this growth – an innovative project designed to establish and support a diverse, pan-Canadian network of young people and families to share their experiences of IYS. Up to 35 ambassadors will be recruited from across Canada, from communities with developing and established IYS models and will be provided with ongoing training and support to promote IYS in their communities while participating in a national IYS network. 

Foundry operates in British Columbia as part of the IYS movement in Canada to build effective, youth-focused and integrated services for mental health, substance use and related issues. While each IYS organization is adapted to its specific regional needs, they all operate within the ten core principles outlined by the Federation of Integrated Youth Services Network (FISYN). These principles encompass: being engaging, collaborative, accessible, youth-centred, responsive, culturally safe, socially just, wholistic, promoting health and learning & improving. 

What are Integrated Youth Services and how does they pertain to this program? 

The Youth and Family Ambassador Program will focus on the development and strengthening of the concept of Integrated Youth Service models and practices. The definition of IYS refers to a wide variety of services (mental health, substance use, peer support, physical and sexual healthcare, social services/education) that work together to treat a young person wholistically, whatever their needs may be. This program will cater to the creation of IYS service projects encompassing all the core values of IYS within project development. We are looking for up to 35 ambassadors from across Canada to participate in ongoing training and support IYS projects in their communities, and to help champion IYS across a national network of IYS organizations and groups. 

youth and family ambassador program, ambassador program, foundry bc, foundry, youth peer support, youth ambassador, family mental health ambassador, IYS Canada

Who can apply?

We are looking for youth (aged 12 to 29) and family members/caregivers* who are passionate about IYS and have some involvement in youth health and wellness. We are accepting applications from across the country regardless of your background knowledge of IYS and its systems. 

* At Foundry, family is defined uniquely by each young person and can include anyone supporting or advocating for their wellness. Family, whether by birth, choice or circumstance, holds a significant role in supporting a young person by fostering a sense of belonging and hope through their shared experience. 

Participants will have lived/living experience with, or have cared for a young person with, mental health and/or substance use challenges. The ability to work remotely is required. 

We are committed to ensuring that the application processes are accessible to all applicants; if you require accommodations in submitting your application, or have other questions, please contact or We have a limited number of spots and will be contacting all applicants after the selection process has concluded to notify you on our decision. 

What will I do as an Ambassador?

  • Attend a Welcome Orientation as an On-boarding Process 
  • Work virtually with a small cohort of ambassadors to develop an IYS project (which could be the co-creation of resources/tools, research or an activity)
  • Participate in ongoing virtual training to support you as you develop your project 
  • Share your experiences, learnings, questions, and ideas with other ambassadors in your cohort through monthly virtual meetings (every second month, all cohorts will meet together) 
  • Participate in a virtual National IYS Conference in the spring of 2024 bringing together youth and families to share experiences and champion IYS

You will have access to ongoing support from Foundry Central Office. Honoraria will be provided, and you will be reimbursed for approved expenses. 


  • Honoraria, at a rate of $25/hour, will be provided, and you will also be reimbursed for approved expenses.

What will the time commitment be?

  • May 2023 – March 2024 three to four hours per month 


We are accepting applications and aim to recruit as diverse a group as possible. 

*Application deadline* is Monday, June 5 2023 at 5:00PM (PST)

 Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Suchayte Bali, Youth Peer Engagement Coordinator, Foundry Central Office
  • Alison Gear, Family Peer Engagement Coordinator, Foundry Central Office

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