We at Foundry Central are deeply disturbed by the recent instances of racialized violence, the killing of George Floyd, and by the ongoing impacts of racial injustice on Indigenous peoples, the Black community, and persons of colour in British Columbia, Canada, the US and around the world.

Racism is deep-rooted in our society and our institutions and is influenced by biases, privileges and a long tragic history of violence and oppression. We recognize that many people in BC face systemic discrimination, unconscious bias, power imbalances and the impacts of colonialism. This results in inequities in access to health care, housing, employment and day-to-day safety.

We acknowledge this. And, we stand with those of you expressing pain, anger and demand for change.

At Foundry, we are committed to listening to and learning from young people, families, and those who are impacted by racial injustice; reflecting on and changing our own practices and behaviours; and supporting systemic reform.

We acknowledge that these events and issues are difficult to process and can bring up overwhelming thoughts and feelings. If you are struggling and need support, foundrybc.ca and our virtual team are here to help you.