An outpouring of support was demonstrated by donors, sponsors, volunteers and community leaders at the 20th annual Richmond Hospital Foundation Starlight Gala on Saturday, October 27, helping to raise $738,000 (net) in support of high quality, local health care in Richmond.

Thanks to the philanthropic efforts of many generous donors, funds raised during this Starlight Gala’s “Leadership Challenge” will help fund Foundry Richmond, a new youth health centre with specialized care for young people in our community. The new centre will provide primary care, public health, mental health and substance use services, as well as social services all under one roof for the first time in Richmond.

“The Starlight Gala guests demonstrated the deep sense of community that sets Richmond apart. People help each other with an open, generous heart and that generosity and passion for local health care was in evidence at the Starlight Gala,” said Christine Brodie, Chair, Starlight Gala Committee. “Foundry Richmond will bring together many, very committed youth organizations in Richmond, to help youth overcome personal challenges with specialized care and services. We thank everyone who helped to take action to bring the new centre one step closer to reality.”

“Thanks to the leadership of donors and the impact they make, Richmond is truly on the cusp of a new era in local health care” said Natalie Meixner, President and CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “We thank everyone for their combined leadership and financial contributions to the Richmond ‘community of care.’”

The Starlight Gala’s sold-out crowd included 450 guests and more than 200 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who enjoyed a special performance by Lucia Micarelli, an internationally renowned featured soloist and violinist, whose performance was highlighted by her trademark emotional vulnerability, reminding us all how important health care is for ourselves and our loved ones.

For over 30 years, Richmond Hospital Foundation has raised over $80 million to help purchase vital medical equipment, improve patient care services and upgrade facilities at Richmond Hospital and our community of care in Richmond.

Learn more on the foundation’s website.

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