We are excited to share that a location has been secured for service partners to introduce Foundry’s service model to our community. This will serve as the temporary location for Foundry Richmond until we are able to locate a larger, permanent space.

The small, interim space, located on the main floor at 8100 Granville Avenue, is approximately 1,200 ft.  This location will leverage the excellent services of the current VCH Youth Clinic, by adding mental health and substance use assessment, walk-in counselling, access to social services, peer support and family support in the adjacent ground floor space, in order to deliver the full Foundry model of care. This is an ideal site to begin coordinating and integrating care so we can ensure youth and families get connected to services in our community.

We expect to open the doors of Foundry Richmond this summer.  We look forward to providing regular updates on this project as we continue to work closely with our internal and external stakeholders and complete the interior design changes.

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