Since our beginning in 2015, Foundry has become a leader of the Integrated Youth Services (IYS) sector in Canada. As interest in IYS increases — largely in response to the fragmentation and ongoing challenges in the youth and young adult health sector — more and more people are wanting to understand Foundry’s model.  

To address this need, Foundry has developed a new evidence brief to support knowledge and understanding of Foundry’s model of care as well encourage the ongoing learning and development of the IYS sector in British Columbia and across Canada. The brief outlines the core principles and components of the Foundry model in addition to key evidence and rationale supporting various interventions and offerings within Foundry’s service framework. .

We are very excited to be able to share this work and continue the ongoing learning and expansion of the IYS sector across Canada. To learn more, access the ‘Transforming Access to Care: Foundry’s Integrated Youth Services Model’.  

Please find the French version here Transformation de l’accès aux soins Modèle de services intégrés pour les jeunes de Foundry.