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Explore these tools to help you manage and prevent challenges from getting in the way of your daily life.

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The White Hatter

The White Hatter site provides resources and tools necessary to stay safe in today’s online landscape. They provide information on the use of technology for benefits and concerns of digital media.

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Cybersafe’s blogs and articles provide information on different dangerous situations online. This site also contains news on cyber security so you can keep up-to-date on new security methods and scams.

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ERASE helps empower students to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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Cybersecurity Lab

Through puzzles, you strengthen your cyber defenses and thwart the attackers by completing a series of cybersecurity challenges.

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You have the opportunity to experience a day at school with Joe, the main character, and make decisions about how to help him as he experiences cyberbullying. You are challenged to be a responsible digital citizen and find out more about keeping safe online. (Requires latest version of flash.)

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