We were buzzing with excitement when we found out the news; as the leading point-getter in Shaw’s Top Performer contest for the 2018 CFL season, Mike Reilly chose to donate $25,000 to Foundry. The support that we receive helps fund a network of Foundry centres and online resources, helping youth access mental health, substance use, primary care, peer support and social services. We are so grateful for the generosity of Mike Reilly, the CFL and Shaw.

Reilly mentions,
“Being involved in the local community, and helping with the very real issue of mental health are two things that I have become very passionate about. Foundry offers young people the help and support that they need through local centers across British Columbia as well as through online services. I am honored to be able to help them on their journey to serve the youth in our community and support their mental health needs. I would like to thank the CFL and Shaw for this awesome opportunity.”

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