Tips to Support Someone who is Being Bullied

If you notice your friend or someone else is being bullied, there are ways you can help. Read the tips below to learn how.

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It can be hard to help someone who is being bullied. You might not know how to support them or what you can do to help make the bullying stop. But, there are things you can do.

Several ways you can help include:

  • Take action and do not be a bystander. If you witness bullying, take action, if it is safe. Do not laugh, encourage or ignore the action of the bully. Tell the bully what they are doing is wrong and support the person being bullied by walking away with them. Posting comments of support (if online), or by listening or messaging the person being bullied to see if they need to talk. If you take action and report the bully, you are not a snitch and you are not making a big deal out of nothing. Reporting bullying is always the right thing to do.
  • Tell the person being bullied you will go with them to talk to a trusted adult. Sometimes a person who is being bullied may not feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult. Offer to go with them and let them know you will back up what is happening to them.
  • Tell someone when you witness bullying. If you witness bullying and are not in a position to support the person in the moment, report the bullying behaviour to a trusted adult. Or contact an anonymous reporting service such as E.R.A.S.E. Bullying.
  • Tell the person being bullied you are there for them: A person who is being bullied may need someone to talk with to explain what they are feeling. You can listen to the person, help them problem solve and offer general support. Tell them that the bullying is not their fault and they do not deserve it.

Check out this bullying incident report to help you when you talk to a trusted adult.

If you think your friend is in immediate danger. call Emergency Services (911) or tell a trusted adult immediately. These problems must be taken care of by an adult – it is not your responsibility to fix them.

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