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Tips for Moving Out

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Know the costs.

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Calculate your monthly expenses and see what is left for housing. Is this enough to live comfortably without going into debt?

Be patient.

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Searching for a place to live can be a slow process. It is very important you do not settle. When you sign a lease or housing contract it is usually for a year and there may be costs if you break the lease or contract. If possible you should wait until you have found a place that works with your lifestyle and budget.

Living with roommates.

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If you plan to live with a roommate, set clear rules and expectations before moving in. It can seem like a good idea to have a friend as a roommate, but you need to ask yourself hard questions. Do you truly believe they would be a good roommate?

Know your rights.

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If you are a tenant, you have certain rights that your landlord must uphold. Learn more about tenants’ rights.

Check the paperwork.

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Before you move in, you will probably need to sign a lease or contract. Read it very carefully. What will it cost if you have to break the lease? What is included in the lease (Utilities? Internet? Laundry?). If there is something you don’t understand, ask someone else to go over it with you.

Practice cooking.

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You will soon be responsible for cooking your own meals. Practice your cooking skills so when you move out you are ready! Cooking your own meals, rather than eating out, will also help save money. Check out this article for cheap recipes.

Save as much money as you can.

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After you move out, it will be much harder to save money because of all the expenses you will have. Before you move out be sure to save up as much money as you can for unexpected situations. Check out the money section to learn more about budgeting.

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