Social Connections and Wellness

We feel happier and healthier when we are connected and supported by our friends, family, school, community and peers. In this section you can learn how healthy relationships impact our health, tips for meeting new people, and how to open up to people you have in your life.

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We feel better if we have good relationships in both the good times and the tough ones. These social connections can be many different things – our family, friends, coaches, people we date, sports team, elders, cultural groups, after school clubs, co-workers and many more.

Having solid and healthy relationships with others impacts our health in a positive way.  Some benefits of having social connections are:

  • Less stress
  • A sense of meaning and purpose
  • Less symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • More empathy for others
  • Trust in other people
  • Better physical health

Here are some ideas for getting connected to people in your community:

  • Try something new and introduce yourself to a new group of people
  • Volunteer
  • Get to know people you already have in your life on a deeper level
  • Get involved in a new hobby, team or group
  • Reach out to an adult you trust
  • Share a bit more about yourself in class and in groups that you’re already in. Let people get to know you!

It is normal to feel nervous about meeting new people and making new connections. Click here for some ideas on how to take steps towards getting out there from someone who also felt nervous.

Check out this video on ways to make new friends:

Not sure how to talk to the people in your life? Here are some tips for talking to the people in your life about what’s going on for you. 


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