Managing Bullying

If you are being bullied, know that it isn’t your fault. Read this section for ideas on where to find support and help make it stop.

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Dealing with bullying

Bullying is a very hard thing to manage and it can seem like you can’t escape. If you are being bullied it is not your fault. There is nothing you can do, say or be to deserve to being bullied. It is not something to be embarrassed about. Anyone being bullied is managing a difficult situation and is very brave. It can be a hard subject to speak about. Fortunately, there are many people and resources to help you deal with bullying.

If you are being bullied consider the following options for support:

  • Talk to a trusted adult: There are many adults who will want to help you – a teacher, counsellor, coach, friend’s parent or another trusted adult. Choose one you trust and tell them you are being bullied. They can help you figure out how to manage the bullying and offer you support.
  • Tell your parent(s) or guardian(s): If you feel comfortable, don’t hide that you are being bullied from your parent(s) or guardians. They can help you deal with your feelings and be your strongest advocates.
  • Get support from friends: If you’re being bullied at school or in other social settings, stay close to your friends. Tell them what you are going through. They can often offer you support and they can stand up to the bully with you.
  • Stand up to the bully: If you feel safe to do so, you can talk to the bully directly. Tell them what they are doing is inappropriate and you want it to stop. Do not be aggressive, but hold your ground. If you feel you are in danger, tell a trusted adult immediately or in extreme situations call the police.
  • Report bullying behaviour: There are several ways you can report bullying without saying who you are. You can call KidsHelpPhone or contact your local school district to anonymously report bullying.
  • Do not hide the bullying: We know you may not want to talk about bullying, but it is very important to make sure others know it is happening and to try to make it stop. The bullying may get worse and you can feel worse if you try to deal with it on your own.

If you ever feel you are in danger or think about to hurting yourself to escape bullying, call emergency services – 911.  You can also text CONNECT to 686868 to chat confidentially with a trained, volunteer Crisis Responder for support. For other phone, chat or text support options, visit our Get Support section.

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