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What are the benefits of being mindful?

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Improve your mood


Mindfulness can help your mind disconnect from its stress centre, the amygdala. This increases positive emotions while reducing stress and negativity.

Reduce stress


People with stress-related disorders tend to have a smaller hippocampus. This area of the brain is used for memory. Mindfulness can increase the size of your hippocampus and help to protect you against the negative effects of stress.

Improve memory and concentration


The pre-frontal cortex can become more developed with the practice of mindfulness. This is the part of your brain responsible for awareness, concentration, planning and decision making.

Keep you healthy


Mindfulness can improve your body’s ability to fight off disease. A major study found that people who took part in an eight-week mindfulness course had a stronger immune system.

Help you sleep better


People who practice mindfulness may sleep better and feel less tired. You can create a relaxation response in the body when you focus on a calming sound, thought, or image. This helps you fall asleep more easily. If you practice mindfulness during the day, it is easier to create this response when you need to go to sleep.

Build compassion


There’s evidence that mindfulness increases activity in the areas of the brain related to understanding the suffering of others. Studies also point to more activity in those areas involved in self-compassion and regulating emotions.

Better relationships


Mindfulness can lead to greater satisfaction in relationships. It seems to increase emotional intelligence, which can improve your social skills. It also helps you cooperate and understand other people’s perspectives.

Help treat anxiety and depression


Mindfulness has been used to treat anxiety and depression for over a decade. At least one major study suggests it may be as good as medication in treating depression and preventing relapse.

Please note: The practice of mindfulness can be helpful for people with disorders related to trauma. In such cases, we recommend working with a skilled mindfulness instructor because some people may re-experience traumatic memories.

Check out this video on why mindfulness is a superpower:

See references for the benefits listed above here.

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