Mental health is an important aspect of a young person’s life. Talking about mental health isn’t always easy. We can help.

Mental health is comprised of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are common to all us. Intense feelings that won’t go away; troublesome thoughts that persist; and using alcohol or other drugs to cope can  be signs that we need to pay attention to our mental health.

Early identification and linking young people with resources to strengthen their mental health is key to reducing the burden of mental disorders. Like any health issue, we are better equipped if we are able to recognize the signs and symptoms. Once identified, we can then take action to prevent things from getting worse.  

Stop Wondering, Start Knowing: A Mental Health Video Resource for Schools

Stop Wondering, Start Knowing: A Mental Health Video Resource for Schools is a resource for educators to use in their classrooms.  

This resource includes a facilitation guide, video stories from youth with lived experience with mental health challenges, and links to additional resources and supports. It is designed for grades 8 to 10, but can be for used for other groups at the discretion of the educator. The goals of the resource are:

  • To better understand and be more aware of mental health and substance use
  • To recognize the early signs of mental health & substance use challenges
  • To reflect and share ideas about mental health & substance use
  • To help decrease stigma around mental health & substance use
  • To learn about resources available for support 

You can download a PDF copy of the facilitation guide or order a print copy here.

Printable Resource Handouts:

School Resource Videos:

  1. What is Mental Health
  2. Maddy’s Story
  3. Alex’s Story
  4. Natasha’s Story
  5. Talk and Take Action

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