We’re thrilled to announce that Bob and Diane Conconi, through the Robert L. Conconi Foundation, will be matching donations to Foundry and our one-stop youth wellness centres across the province – up to a total $500,000 – until May 31, 2017.

You can help us turn on the lights at Foundry – please donate today!

Click here to donate through St. Paul’s Foundation (our provincial fundraising partner); or click here to give to the centre in your community. Either way, your donation will be doubled!

“For us as an organization, challenging the community in this way has become a tool to support meaningful—and often new and innovative—projects,” says Mr. Conconi.

You can also help us spread the word by sharing the news on social media.

Bob and Diane are inspired by the number of people and organizations involved in Foundry – all working toward a common vision. “One of the impressive things about Foundry is the number of different funding partners involved,” says Mr. Conconi. “Several government ministries, a provincial health and research foundation, a leading mental health foundation and many others. That’s a testament to the importance of the work – and we hope you will join us in making sure it’s a success.”

Please join Foundry and communities around the province in supporting this innovative, collaborative, and ground-breaking initiative.