Introducing Peer Support Follow-up Services

We are now offering peer support services to young people following their Foundry Virtual counselling appointments.

What can I expect?

  • A peer supporter check-in session can be made within a few days of your Foundry Virtual counselling appointment.
  • Sessions are booked as one-time appointments and will be approximately 45 minutes in length.
  • Sessions will be booked after your counselling appointment if you decide you want to connect with a peer supporter.
  • These follow-up sessions are the first peer support service we are offering. Stay tuned for announcements of additional offerings, including peer support groups and additional one-on-one services, coming soon.

What is peer support?

  • A peer supporter is a trained support worker who is close to your age and has personal experience with some of the challenges you may be experiencing.
  • A peer supporter recognizes you as an expert in your own life and will work collaboratively with you on your goals.

Have questions? For more information on Foundry Virtual’s peer support follow-up services, email or sign up for our newsletter!


Learn more about groups!

Foundry virtual also offers a number of groups and workshops (some hosted by peer support workers!). Learn more about the workshops at