We’re cheering for the hardworking young women on The Canadian Women’s National Field Hockey Team as they pursue their Olympic dreams! The “Canadian Wolf Pack” as they’re called, will be wearing the Foundry logo on their jerseys with pride as they continue to compete on the international stage. The team is based in Victoria, BC but have been training relentlessly in Belgium this season. This led to an outstanding season thus far, placing 2nd in both the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru and the FIH Hockey Series in Valencia, Spain. The team continues to hunt down their spot in the Tokyo 2020 Games, at the upcoming qualifying matches against Ireland on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019. We hope you will join us in following along their journey!

Off the pitch, the Wolf Pack is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic young women who are excited to bring Foundry’s message to an international audience, highlighting the many innovations happening here in BC as we transform the way services for young people are delivered. These women’s investment in Foundry runs deep, as many have lived and living experiences with their mental health, are born and currently live in British Columbia, and come from the communities Foundry serves. We look forward to sharing their individual journeys on foundrybc.ca in the future; stay tuned!