Tips for Safer Alcohol Use

Below are some tips to help reduce some of the risks associated with alcohol use.

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Before drinking:

  • Eat and drink water before and while drinking alcohol. Try setting a reminder on your phone.
  • Set a drink limit before you start drinking and assess as you go. Know when you’ve had enough and say so. Try the Saying When app (iTunes or Google Play) to help you keep track of your drinks.
  • Be aware of how alcohol affects you.
  • Arrange a safe ride home before you start drinking.
  • Try to reduce the number of times you use alcohol each week. Daybreak is another app you can try if you’re looking to cut down or stop drinking.

While you’re drinking:

  • If you’re playing drinking games, try playing with non-alcoholic drinks. Don’t try to keep up with other drinkers.
  • Finish one drink before starting another. Topping up drinks makes it harder to keep track of how many you’ve had.
  • Only get in the car with a sober driver – even better, decide who will be the designated driver before you go out.
  • Keep your drink with you at all times. If you do leave your drink unattended or have any doubts about it, make or order a new one.
  • Drink in good company – keep a good friend around, look out for each other and know what to do if one of you has had too much to drink.
  • Keep an eye out for each other – if you see a friend becoming too drunk, make sure they drink water, eat food, and stop drinking alcohol. You can also help them avoid being reckless or hurting themselves.

Staying sober when your friends are drinking

Sometimes friends will try to pressure you to drink when you don’t want to. You could use these strategies when telling others why you want to stay sober:

Talk to someone you trust

It can be helpful to talk about what you’re feeling with a friend, family member, teacher, coach or someone who has been there like a Peer Support worker. Not sure where to start? Check out our Tips for Talking with Someone and 8 Easy Tips for Venting to Friends. There are also resources that are available if substance use is becoming harmful to yourself or those around you.

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For more self-care options check out the Apps & Tools section. Sometimes help from a professional is needed, check out the Get Support section.