Depression and Substances

Discover how alcohol and other substances affect depression.

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Depression and drinking or using other substances

People with problems like depression may try using alcohol or other substances as a way to feel better. Some may not be aware that they are struggling with depression, and they only notice that they feel good after they have had a few drinks or have used substances.

Even though it feels like it might be drinking alcohol or using other substances can actually make depression worse. They only provide short-term relief, and their negative effects can cause more problems. You might be able to forget your troubles for a few hours, but you aren’t building any long-term skills or strategies to deal with the challenges of depression.

Some facts

  • Alcohol lowers a person’s mood because it is actually a depressant.
  • Alcohol and other substances only cover up symptoms for short time and in the long run they can make symptoms worse.
  • The brain has the ability to achieve the same feelings of well-being that people get from drinking or using other substances.

What you can do

What Next?

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