When young people face difficult challenges it can be hard to know the best way to support them. Foundry will empower families, caregivers, siblings and other loved ones to find the right care and support for their youth and young adults.

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Life’s Challenges

We recognize that supporting a loved one’s wellness impacts the whole family and those closest to them.

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Helpful Tools

Our care model respects and supports the rights of young people, as well as the essential caregiving role that families can play in their lives.

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Culture of Support

At Foundry, families and caregivers can find connections - for their young person, for themselves and to services.

When our child started having challenges it was very overwhelming to know where to go for help, as a family we really struggled. Having an integrated team working together will make it much easier to navigate services and the get the support my child needs. Often there are many appointments at different locations. Having a team working together in one place will benefit our son, and lessen the time we all miss from work.

- Parent with lived experience

Our son finds it frustrating and difficult to tell his story over and over, sharing information once will lessen the stress and discomfort of getting help.

- Parent with lived experience

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