In Foundry centres, teams of experts, including peer support workers, will work together with each young person to form a plan that is shaped around their unique needs. We have so many skilled and dedicated individuals and teams in this province working to support young people. Foundry’s integrated care model brings health and social service providers to work together to empower young people on their path to wellness. This holistic approach helps young people find the help they need without having to retell their story and try to navigate a complex system alone.

Providing services for young people ages 12-24 allows us to support them as they age out of youth services into adult systems; as well as those who are aging out of government care. We know that 75 per cent of mental health and substance use issues begin before the age of 25. Foundry specifically focuses on this age range with the intention of wrapping services around young people when they are at most risk of mental health issues and help ensure they have the appropriate care and support when they need it most.

Our centres offer free and confidential services, and provide walk-in hours. Young people do not need a referral for the centre.

Care and supports will be delivered in a stepped care model, meaning the level of service will be matched to the level of need.

We are committed to evidence-based practices that improve care. We are integrating research, real-time evaluation and ongoing quality improvement into all of our services. Each centre will use a standardized data collection platform to help us understand the population we serve and improve our programs to best meet their needs.


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